Attending the London AWS Summit 2015

April 15, 2015 ~ 2 min read

Today me and some of my colleagues attended the AWS Summit in London's Excel, this consisted of attending talks and keynote presentations on the range of AWS services available featuring talks by some notable companies including ITV and Halo on how they use AWS and its services to power their products.

This was my first conference so I wasn't to sure what to expect but I ended up finishing the day in a really good place with some newly gained knowledge and some great ideas to consider when developing future projects.

By the GitHub stand at AWS Summit 2015

One of the most interesting facts that was mentioned in the keynote was that Amazon Web Services has over 5 times more computing power than all other cloud service providers combined which is
pretty incredible to say the least. There were 2 new offerings from AWS that were of particular interest to me these where the "Amazon EC2 Container Service" and the "Amazon Aurora" database service.

Ready for the keynote as AWS Summit 2015

Amazon EC2 Container Service

The Amazon EC2 Container Service is a platform for managing and deploying Docker container based applications onto your EC2 cluster. A great feature of this is that it also has support for custom and third party schedulers for prioritizing and scheduling your long running and critical services. The default scheduler code is available on GitHub and can be modified to your requirements.

Halo use this platform for their infrastructure which runs over 200 micro services that power their application. Their talk put across some great ideas which will have a heavy influence on any future projects that I work on.

Amazon Aurora

While still in preview at this time of writing, Amazon's Aurora database is a MySql compatible database engine that addresses some of the common issues found when using MySql at large scale.

Aurora provides up to 5 times better performance than MySql and offers improved availability, this all runs in the same AWS RDS setup so can easily be scaled out as required.

I plan to put some load through this and I'm looking forward to seeing how it handle's some of the large datasets I work with on a regular basis.

Until next time...

Amazon Web Services is growing at an incredible rate and continues to innovate and offer new and improved services all the time, attending AWS Summit was a great way to gain an insight into the new services available and ways to use them in production.

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