A Minimal TypeScript Starter for Gatsby

August 19, 2019 ~ 1 min read

When starting out a new Gatsby based project I have found myself going through repeated steps to convert the default starter over to TypeScript so I took it upon myself to create my own Gatsby starter thats setup for the way I like to work.

There are other TypeScript starters available but these are full of features with a lot of included dependencies which then take time to remove. This Gatsby starter has a very minimal set of dependencies and is based off of the default setup you get when using create-react-app so everything is set and ready to go without any added fluff.

Live demo: https://gatsby-typescript-minimal.netlify.com

GitHub repo: https://github.com/benbarber/gatsby-typescript-minimal

Use this starter: https://github.com/benbarber/gatsby-typescript-minimal/generate

Gatsby TypeScript Minimal

Ben Barber

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