Hi I'm Ben, an experienced software engineer specialising in the development of web applications using Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby on Rails and React.

I'm based in the small town of Royston that sits between London and Cambridge, either of which I usually commute to when I'm not working remotely.


I became interested in the internet and making websites from the young age of 13, when all that was available was a painfully slow dial-up connection! After a lot of hacking around with tables in Frontpage I got my first site together and hosted it on Geocities.

I then continued to make progress with my programing skills learning some PHP which I then used to develop my first major web site which was an music top sites where people could vote for there favorite website which would then move up the ranking’s gaining more traffic back to their site in return.

Skills & Experience

I have over 15 years of commercial experience in creating and managing the development of API's, Mobile and Web Applications, in which during that time I have become proficient in a number of programming languages and frameworks including but not limited to; Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, Python, Flask, Javascript, Typescript and React JS.

Throughout my career I have been lucky to have worked on a wide variety of projects with some of the more notable ones being;

  • Frontier Nuvola - A NodeJs, Golang and Ruby on Rails API based cloud platform that manufacturers of IOT and Smart Home devices can use to easily enable Alexa and Google Assistant voice control to their products.
  • YourTradeBase - A Ruby on Rails based platform for Tradesmen and small business that provides a suite of tools for managing their billing, quotation and invoice processes.
  • Socrates Online - A NodeJs, PHP, React & Redux based Insurance platform providing everything you would need to run an online Insurance business, features include; Premium calculation, Scheme rate management, Policy management and automated document generation.

My skill set is constantly evolving as I’m always keeping up with trends, trying out the newest programming languages, frameworks and libraries while following best practice to improve upon the software I develop.

I am also proficient In the setup of servers, continuous integration and deployment processes. I have worked extensively with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and I also have experience with the Google Cloud Platform.

Getting in contact

Got a project you would like to discus, or just want to say hello? Feel free to email me at contact@benbarber.co.uk or reach out to me on Twitter.